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How to publish open source code

This document is current until 1 September 2018

Wherever possible, we make our source code open and reusable. This means other government departments and people in outside organisations can benefit from our work. We also maintain several open source projects developed for use on GOV.UK and with other work we do, such as the Puppet module for go-audit or the GDS Operations open source web site.

It’s not always appropriate to open code. There are situations when you should keep some data and code closed, for example when involving keys and security credentials.

The Service Manual explains how to open previously closed code and your responsibilities for maintaining open code.

You should release any open code with a clear license for reuse. As repositories often include both documentation and code, we use 2 licences:

When you publish open source code, your project must:

Your open source code project should:

You could also provide a mailing list so people can discuss your project.